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One of the most wonderful things about The Fierce Love Project is that everyone can participate, everyone can make a difference simply by giving of themselves. I’ve read that Americans like the underdog, they support those who have Good-hearted Intentions, the ones who care. Well woof! bring it on People, because The Fierce Love Project is definitely for the underdogs–Domesticated Dogs–and its Intentions are as simple, pure, and Innocent as a Puppy’s!

I’ve also read howooo our wired-for-happiness brains are in their ‘happy place’ when we do kindly things for others. Science has proven that the acts of giving and receiving literally light up our prefrontal cortex. Virtuous generosity keeps us healthy, boosts our immune systems, and can even help us live longer. And we all know howooo extending a paw, whether it be in assistance or gracious acceptance, just feels Good. Imagine being one of your own Dogs and receiving the heartfelt Love you so lavishly give…it’s that kind of feeling. A win-win. Self-rewarding. Woof! We receive when we give! So why not seek out ways to boost our brains’ amperages and use the benefits to help our Canine Kids at the same time?!

Let’s join together and engage in much rav tov (Good Work) on behalf of Domesticated Dogs, and let us experience many simchas (great, Joyful pleasures) in the process! There’s an abundance of opportunities to do a mitzvah (Good Deed), extend tzsedaka (Charity), or even personally perform a g’milat chesed (an act of Loving Kindness)! Please write and tell me your stories and ideas; what you’ve done, or what you want to do; what you’ve already received, or what you need. Let’s start lighting each other up! Woofwoofwoof!

You will find that once you look for GoD (or DoG) in the ordinary,
it becomes extraordinary with possibility….

Consider this sample rav tov list:

  • take a Pup to visit a lonely senior
  • brighten a sick TwoLegged Kid’s day with a Pup visit
  • walk a Neighbor’s Dog or Shelter Dog who is shut inside all day
  • contribute your money, time, or smarts on behalf of the Domesticated Dog
  • bring a Dog to Class to help with a Lesson
  • start a literacy program where People read to Dogs
  • sponsor an adoptable Pup in your local area
  • pick up Poop you find, even if it’s not from your Pups
    (do the same with litter and feel even more Joy)
  • organize a Dog Toy Exchange
  • volunteer to be an Animal Control Liaison
  • tell your Canine Kids howooo much you Love them, then act accordingly
  • lift your elderly Pup from, and back into, the vehicle rather than have her jump

Stop. Sit. Focus. Pay Attention!…opportunities to do Good, be compassionate, and spread Love will effortlessly appear…and when they do, grab ‘em, and enjoy the feel-Good buzz that results!

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