By sharing what I have learned from The Pack–Lessons taught to me by hundreds of Domesticated Dogs over the course of many years–I seek to provide the support, information, and tools needed to substantially increase the number of competent TwoLegged Alphas capable of ministering to the needs of multiple Canine Kids simultaneously. The ultimate goal of the I Wanna Be an Alpha! Project is simply to help boost Peoples’ canine confidence.

If you’ve read Fierce Love you know that being AlphaMom to an ever-changing Pack of Domesticated Dogs takes a lot of time and energy. It’s work! Caring for Pups keeps you honest and in the here-and-now; it makes you slow down, stop multitasking and Pay Attention! Although it may look like “the best job in The World”, the pay is low, the hours are long, and there’s a never-ending supply of Shit to deal with. Gee AlphaMom, that sounds like Fun…tell us more!

Dogs recognize leadership and insist upon it. They positively expect it; they thrive on it. They are confused without it.
-Jeffrey Masson, Raising the Peaceable Kingdom

I, AlphaMom, can show you
howooo to interact with and command the R-E-S-P-E-C-T of a Pack of Domesticated Dogs. I know that for a lot of TwoLeggeds the most daunting aspect of Domesticated PackLiving (right up there with Poop) is the actual number of Canine Kids involved. Fear not! I will lead by example, make suggestions, show alternatives for the expected, and help sort out the unexpected as we trek together along the Domesticated PackLiving Trail. Before you know it you’ll be considerately cohabitating with, coming to a whole new level of understanding about, and finding you have acquired a new appreciation for Domesticated Dogs. And best of all, being Alpha to a Domesticated Pack is a vibrant, viable, deeply fulfilling way to live that’s within the reach of any PupPerson willing to Stop. Sit. And Focus.

Have you ever experienced something that filled you with as much Focused Intent and powerful Joy as the B-a-l-l incites in Bandit? I have! And it’s what I want to pass along to you if you share Bandit’s enthusiasm and driven purpose. Now all that’s needed is your desire to Playfully, innocently, and energetically Learn the finer points of being an effective AlphaMom or AlphaDad! If this idea gets your ears up and your head tilting inquisitively please contact me to get the B-a-l-l bouncing. Hahaha woof! For tips and information to help you knowledgeably care for your Domesticated Dogs, make sure to check out Canine Kid Care.


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