Conscientiously joining positive forces–People helping
People, Neighbors helping Neighbors–that’s what The
Neighborhood Packs Project is all about.

     These days it truly does seem to “take a Village” to accomplish everything we squeeze into each twenty-four hours. Consequently, we compassionate and cooperative TwoLeggeds often find ourselves relying on each other for support.

More people should exchange play dates for their Dogs. Jeffrey Masson

     Just as two heads are better than one, it makes sense to have more than one Safe, reliable place for your Pups to go in your absence; places where you know they will be competently cared for by PupPeople who share your basic Pup-keeping philosophies. Not only does it ‘work’ when small groups of like-minded People come together for the dedicated purpose of helping each other…it feels Good! Funny howooo when you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself!

     So now that you know the purpose and aim of The Neighborhood Packs Project, and have begun to realize howooo everyone, including our Canine Kids, can benefit from it, you are hopefully curious as to the particulars. Well, that makes two of us! Before one can Teach one must be a Student, woof? I know that in order to ‘convert’ People to a new and different pawspective, it is necessary to join paws and heel together side-by-side, each of us Teaching and Learning what the other needs through exposure, experimentation, and experiences. Finding what ‘works’ is a highly individualized process for both Pups and People…which is why I need your help! Each Den environment is unique; circumstances, situations, and considerations can vary greatly.

     What I need to determine is howooo the Training I received from a Pack of Domesticated Dogs can best be interpreted and applied out in ‘The Real World’.

This means I need to find People and Pups willing to Teach me while I experiment with them! I’m looking for assistance from groups of PupPeople who meet the following criteria:

1. three to four FamilyPacks need to be involved
     1a. of the three or four, at least one FamilyPack must be unrelated to the others
2. each Neighborhood Pack contains at least four spayed/neutered Dogs
3. the Pups live freely inside their Dens
FamilyPacks live within reasonable distance of each other

     If you are interested in forming your own Neighborhood Pack and wish to Learn howooo to capably and confidently care for multiple Dogs, you are the kind of PupPerson I want to encourage to explore the ways of Domesticated PackLiving! Please contact me, tell me your thoughts, your needs, your ideas…your criteria!…and let me know howooo I can Be of Service.

AlphaMom is determined to help People live
more organically, easily, and conveniently with
their Domesticated Dogs!

My mission is to help PupPeople by providing them with Knowledge. My goal is to Educate, to actualize the concept of Domesticated PackLiving, and to raise awareness of what Domesticated Dogs truly need. Once the mystery of the unfamiliar is removed, People will understand howooo little extra effort it takes to live with and manage the care of multiple Pups, which will certainly make The World a better and happier place! WOOF WOOF WOOF!


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