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If I didn’t believe in the many exceptional upsides to Dynamic Doggy Duos I wouldn’t get involved in the domain of adoption at all. This is because I have seen disturbing things on both sides of adoption’s fence (I’m all-too familiar with the type of Dog Rescue experiences Kim Kavin wrote about in her fact filled book, Little Boy Blue) and am admittedly more than a little disenchanted with the way things are. Grrrr, past dealings with Rescue Groups (as both a Volunteer and an Adopter) have left me wondering if perhaps Rescue’s Focus has strayed from the strays and the abandoned and become more about the TwoLeggeds, their egos, personal beliefs, and preferences.

After having lived in stacked wire cages at the Track, Retired Racing Greyhounds quickly discover they have preferences…like stretching out on large, soft beds!

 Let’s get back to accentuating the positive while concentrating on the rescue task at-paw: uniting People with Pups and Pups with People! Truly, Fido doesn’t care what he eats, as long as he gets fed. Fifi doesn’t care where she sleeps as long as she’s Safe. Muffin doesn’t care that her People can’t afford x, y, or z–all that Muffin and every other Pup wants is to be Loved. I need to believe that the majority of TwoLeggeds interested in adopting Dogs are offering up a chance at Life, which is certainly a more pleasant future than Death-by-gas-chamber or lethal injection. And I’d be willing to bet a pile of Bones that adoptable Pups would rather take their chances being the Canine Kids of less-than-perfect TwoLeggeds in less-than-ideal situations than spend their days as (lower status) Fosters, waiting, waiting, waiting.

The Dynamic Doggy Duos Project needs the help of Rescue Groups to put Trust and Love back into the adoption process…because adopting Canine Kids should be a Fun, happy, Joy-filled experience!

Three things I (AlphaMom) need to express, so you will know if you’re on a similar page in the Doggy Rescue Manual:

1. I am aware of the ugly Reality of Canine Overpopulation and have always been part of the solution, not part of the problem. It is disturbing to know that the failings and lapses of TwoLeggeds are what cause so many Innocent Beings to lose their Lives. From what I have seen, convenience and cost are the biggest deterrents to People being part of the solution.

I am 100% for spaying and neutering…at the right age–this is one area where Rescue Groups and I often disagree. We all know that when done too early, yanking out Girl and Boy parts can actually damage a Pup’s long-term health, yet the practice continues. I feel this to be a serious wrongdoing that is totally unfair to both the Puppies and the unsuspecting Adopters. One way to put Trust back into the adoption process would be to release adopted, under-aged Puppies, unneutered, with the (signed) promise that the surgery will be done at an agreed-upon age.

2. The whole purpose of putting adoptable Pups online is to widen their exposure, thereby increasing the potential field of Adopters, woof? So why, oh why do some Rescue Groups feel justified in placing restrictive locational parameters on who is allowed to adopt ‘their Dogs’? One Rescue Group’s answer to this query was that they wanted “to build community”. Ok then, grrrr, just advertise locally, don’t tease the rest of America…don’t go messing with the Doggy Digit of Destiny! Who’s to say a Pup’s best chance at a wonderful Life is in the state/county/town where it was found? Put the Fun back in adoption by making the Pups in your care available to everyone.

3. From what I have seen, experienced, and been told, Rescue Groups–unlike County Shelters and Humane Societies–are composed of and run by Volunteers; they are not licensed and therefore have no local Authorities overseeing their acts and procedures, so Rescue Groups can pretty much do as they please. In my mind, this means Group Volunteers would use their valuable time and resources to truly help People looking for Canine Happiness. Unfortunately, the Reality is often somewhat different. Won’t you please help me put the L-O-V-E back into the adoption process? Instead of placing myriad obstacles along Adoption’s Trail, instead of simply not responding to inquiries, why can’t we all just walk together in Trust, treating each other as Dog Lovers and not potential abusers or hoarders?

If the above sounds like a pleasant way to work the adoption process to you, please contact me! A simple “yes, we want to work with you, AlphaMom!” sent along with your Rescue Group’s information is all that’s needed. Then I can list your Group as a willing resource for PupPeople sniffing around for a Dynamic Doggy Duo to adopt! Bow wow howooo wonderful it will all be!


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