The Fierce Love Project’s purpose is to supply myriad opportunities to answer a single, simple question:
What can be done for Domesticated Dogs and their People to help and to serve them, to make Life more enjoyable and comfortable for one and all?

One way to manifest a new Reality is to start with the tools and resources currently available, woof? To me this means starting from where I am and from where you are. Arleen Lorrance, author and originator of The Love Project, began her quest with these basic ideologies: We can care, we can share. We can love. We can give each other positive and supportive feedback rather than communicating only when we have something to complain about. We can bring joy to ourselves by sharing some with others. The Love Project encouraged an atmosphere of L-O-V-E to take hold, pervade, and transform an entire community–all because one Person decided to be the change she wanted to see happen! “We came together in our desire to help others enjoy their lives, discover their potential, receive from others, contribute to others. We joined hands to communicate with love rather than hostility, to make manifest the intrinsic beauty and joy of life. And that is exactly what we did.Bow wow howooo beautiful!

Won’t you join me, AlphaMom, in ministering to those who often can’t help themselves? Mother Teresa made herself available. In the beginning she alone tirelessly tended to the poorest of India’s poor, doing as much as she could in the best way she knew howooo. Eventually others noticed her undeniably well-meaning actions–they saw an opportunity to make a difference, to Be of Service–and joined Mother Teresa in her mission. So howooo about it? Are you interested in experiencing what happens when Packs of People unite with clear Intent and purpose? Are you ready to join in the synergism, to witness PackPower in action? Are you ready to unleash the extraordinary power of your Love?

And since the way to a better World requires that we go deeper into our hearts, why not start practicing with our Canine Kids!?! Put the Love out there and feel it come back tenfold! In the words of Dr Love (Leo Buscaglia): If we truly love someone, it follows that we want them to have the best we have to offer, for their sake as well as ours. We enrich the universe with something far more valuable than money when we contribute love. One act of caring may have more effect, more power than we realize; here finding entry into a lonely heart, there encouraging and giving hope to a confused mind.  Intentional acts of Fierce Kindness can make all the difference in the Lives of our Canine Kids! If you choose to use your energy for only one thing, howooo about doing as Marianne Williamson suggested in her book The Gift of Change: Think of a world in which there is only love, and hold that thought for several minutes each day. The day will come when our thinking will lead to our believing, which will lead to our acting to make it so.

The Fierce Love Project’s ultimate goal is to help Pups and People achieve harmonious Domesticated cohabitation. When TwoLeggeds understand what Domesticated Dogs need to feel Safe there will be wagging tails everywhere, and happier, more fulfilling Lives will be the result for everyone. Let’s get together and share our Love and our Pup Smarts. Woofwoof! As Douglas Lawson wrote: When we give of what we have, we are ready to receive what we really need. Please…give me what I need! Woof woof! Allow me to Be of Service to you and your Domesticated Dogs. Your Pups will thank you!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. -Galatians 6:9-10

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