The highest form of love comes from transcending the self and focusing on the needs of others and the world we live in. –Leo Buscaglia

I believe the time is ripe to do what we can, collectively, to make this World a better place for Domesticated Dogs and their People. We all can do something, we all have something positive to contribute, we all can make a difference–one Person, one step, at a time. When countless like-minded individuals come together to work toward a common cause or goal, the power is immense; the total effect of the outcome produced is far greater than what could have been achieved individually. In other words: amazing things can happen! So come on…let’s get the momentum of change started, let’s prove that Joy is infectious!

Nothing great comes without enthusiasm. –Ben Franklin

The Fierce Love Project is an assemblage of AlphaMom’s grand ideas about howooo to make The World a better place. No special tools or talents are needed to participate and there’s nothing to join–all that’s required to get involved is a mind that’s open to all that’s Good. The topics on The Fierce Love Project List (below) are just a few of the ways AlphaMom has thought of to connect with the Beings at both ends of the Leash. So go ahead and sniff around–most likely something will get your nose twitching or your tail wagging or your mind whirring with your own brilliant ideas! READ MORE ABOUT THE FIERCE LOVE PROJECT

The Fierce Love Project List

(currently under construction)