When strong intent is present, the means to fulfill it will automatically appear. -Carla Woody


     So by now, having read all these grand ideas about howooo The World can become a better place via The Fierce Love Project, I’m hoping a flicker of interest has ignited within you…because I need your help! Yip yap yup, AlphaMom needs help too! Forward momentum along The Trail of Good Intentions depends on you! Without Pups and People interested in participating, The Fierce Love Project is just a bunch of words floating in the ethers…I need your help to ground them in Reality!  Won’t you please come to my aid and help substantiate all these words with actions? I need the interest, assistance, access, and understanding that only you can provide.

I’m quite sure that some of those who have just heard of me must think I’m completely off the beam. After all, I am doing something different. And pioneers have always been looked upon as being a bit strange. -Peace Pilgrim


     Even if you aren’t interested in participating in The Fierce Love Project directly, perhaps you’d like to show support for its many ideas by donating some dollars? Readily available funds would mean that when help was requested, it could be freely given. Bow wow howooo wonderful it would be to gain the financial assistance of a Benefactor or Sponsor! Woof! When I think of the things that could be done to help Domesticated Dogs and their People with the help of donated Dispensary Dollars my tail starts to wag wildly! I envision the ripple effect of ‘paying it forward’ gaining momentum and causing a tsunami of positivity for The Fierce Love Project’s beneficiaries: Pups and their People. Woofwoofwoof!

ps- AlphaMom needs help in other ways too! 1. Are you proficient in InDesign? Do you have the Knowledge and talent (and patience) needed to help me craft Fierce Love’s sequel, Fierce Life, into existence? OR 2. Are you a patient, open-minded Webmaster who cares about what’s best for your Client? A Webmaster who has the time to devote to site upkeep? If either of these projects pique your curiosity, I’d really like to hear from you.

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