With lots of ideas that will benefit both People and Pups,
AlphaMom is ready to transform her worrrrds into action!

Now all that’s needed is your help.

Let’s Get the Blue Ball Bouncing!



FIERCE LOVE is the vehicle,
The Fierce Love Project is the destination, and money is the fuel needed to get there.

Fill ‘er up!



Often AlphaMom knows of something that would help TwoLeggeds and/or their Canine Kids–and sometimes those somethings are obtainable through Amazon! If there’s an opportunity to make a positive contribution, AlphaMom would be thrilled to have the funds available to do so. Yip yap yup yippee! 


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…pass along your copy of
to a Library or Friend, Vet Clinic, Rescue Group or Shelter and/or… Howl its message to others by sending them this link.





Got some spare bucks? Help get FIERCE LOVE into book stores and shops in your area by sponsoring a print run of 100 or more books.