And what about Veterinarians? Howooo can the intelligent, busy TwoLeggeds who care for our Canine Kids contribute to The Fierce Love Project?

     Back when I had only two Dogs, taking them to the Vet at the same time was no big deal. Then along came My SixPack! My overfull schedule did not allow the option of devoting multiple days to well-check visits so it was necessary to take all six Pups to the Veterinarian at once. And when I did, just entering the waiting area was stressful! The plain fact is that a Client handling more Pups than he has hands needs additional assistance (and awareness and understanding) from the Vet’s busy Staff–more than would normally be necessary, and often more than the Staff is prepared (or able) to give! So howooo about Veterinarians dedicating one day a month to Domesticated Pack Office Visits? On that one day everyone would be of like mind and purpose, thereby making the experience more pleasant and efficient for all.

     The stress mentioned above was financial as well. After walking in the Clinic door–and before the Vet even touched a Pup–I knew my bill balance was already at $300 (for six office visits). Since one of the most common reasons given for not having multiple Domesticated Dogs is the expense, another thing Veterinarians could do would be to offer Pack Breaks. Bow wow would this be a grrrreat way to show support to their Clients! For example: People with four or more Pups could pay for three office visits, get one free; pay for three vaccines, get one free; pay for three boxes of Nexgard flea and tick preventative, get one free…. Every little bit helps when line item charges are multiplied by four, five, or six.  

     If you have explored some of The Fierce Love Project’s other ideas you’ll have read about the Dynamic Doggy Duo Adoptions Project. Veterinarians can help to make this World a better place for Pups and their People by encouraging, upholding, and being there for Clients who choose to adopt two Dogs at once. There are several ways–before, during, and after–that Vets and their Staff can positively contribute to the adoption process. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you have a Veterinarian on your side!

     Or howooo about encouraging your favorite Vet to utilize the services of Animal Communicators? We’ve all wished our Canine Kids could tell us howooo they’re feeling, tell us where they hurt, woof? Wouldn’t it be handy if your Veterinarian had an Animal Communicator on-Staff to advocate for your Pups? Peace of mind comes from knowing your Domesticated Dogs are getting the kind of help they need and want. (ie: Fido might not want to go through the ordeal of chemotherapy; Muffin might feel she’s too pretty to have a leg amputated; Trixie might not want to keep going if it means eating yucky food forevermore.) Perhaps one of the Vet Techs at your favorite Vet’s Office would be interested in becoming an Animal Communicator? Maybe your favorite Vet could be talked into paying for the Tech’s Training?

     And one more thing! The global goal of The Fierce Love Project is to raise People’s awareness, consciousness, and conscientiousness about all things D-O-G. For instance, do you know what something as simple (and common) as overly-long nails can do to a Dog’s conformation? Complete care for your Pups extends from nose to tail to tips of toes…where nails reside. My hackles rise in annoyance every time I see long nails

Please! Each time your Pups go to see the Vet make sure…request…insist…that their nails be trimmed.
Your Dogs will thank you…and so should your Veterinarian!

     ***If you are a Vet or work for a Vet, please consider giving The Fierce Love Project your support; I’d be thrilled to add your information to the list of willing collaborators! And if you’re a mere mortal who utilizes the services of a Veterinarian for your Pups, howooo about mentioning The Fierce Love Project to the Vet and Staff and bringing up some of the ideas mentioned above? Let’s be the change we want to see happen…together! Woof woof!***

Powered together, yes we can,
create a country better than
the one we have made of this land.
We have a choice to make each man
who dares to dream, reaching out his hand…
                                 -Harry Chapin, What Made America Famous?

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