The Fierce Love Project aims to initiate a World-wide change of pawspective by furthering People’s understanding of Animal Communication.

     Animal Communication has deepened my relationships with my own Canine Kids and has proven invaluable in helping me get the needs of the Pups I come into contact with met. Again and again, with the assistance of Animal Communicators, I’ve been witness to howooo being understood transforms relationships! Being able to talk through things, to Communicate with each other, is as essential an element to successful Pup-Person relationships as it is to TwoLegged ones.

     Animal Communicators! Care to join me in a collaboration that aims to get People over their ‘hurdles of disbelief’? I am always howling about the magnificence of Animal Communication; I value the work you do immensely and would like to join forces to spread the woof! I’m aware of howooo much time, effort, and practice you’ve put into honing your skills so that you’re able to informatively and confidently assist Fido when his People need guidance. I also know that once Fido’s People understand that he really does have feelings and thoughts and wants to talk about them, his People will tell Friends…who will tell more Friends…and pretty soon Canine Kids everywhere will be getting heard and helped! Yip yap yup!
Bow wow are there opportunities to make this World a better place by using your impressive skills within the context of The Fierce Love Project! For example: maybe someone taking in a Dynamic Doggy Duo will need clarity during the adoption process; or maybe a Person involved in a Neighborhood Pack is concerned about the health of a PackMember; or perhaps someone stretching his I Wanna Be an Alpha! muscles needs insight into a puzzling behavioral Issue; or maybe you’ll be able to enlighten an Animal Control Officer as to why someone’s Dogs are constantly barking and causing disturbances.
No matter the matter, I have found that oftentimes the ‘missing link’ in a Communication Session is knowing what questions to ask. The combination of my years of experience with Domesticated Dogs and your intuitive aptitude has the potential to effect ever-more-positive changes in the Lives of Pups and their People!

     So, Animal Communicators, what do you think? Are you interested in becoming involved in a worthwhile cause? If so, please email your contact information to be added to the list of AC Supporters. And in the meantime, while waiting for Fierce Love to become a best-seller and The Fierce Love Project to gain more joyful momentum, howooo about participating in AlphaMom’s free and Fun Animal Communication Experiments? Just include a line in your email expressing interest and then be on the lookout for something from AlphaMom in your inbox. Woof woof woof!



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