Animal Communication can change everything! Hearing a Pup’s thoughts and opinions can remove the worry and frustration impeding an adoption. There is no better feeling than knowing the needs and desires of a particular Dog in your care are being met!
For instance, AlphaMom has used Animal Communication when getting to know a Foster Dog. General personality information to use on the Pup’s website profile was obtained, as well as insights into what sort of future Life the Pup aspired to (ie: wants to be an only Dog vs with others, wants to be with kids vs not, wants a woman/man as the main companion, wants to be a couch potato vs an active lifestyle, wants a fenced yard vs being taken on walks).
Animal Communication has also helped with housebreaking, curbing unwanted or habitual behaviors, and introducing the Foster Dog to a potential new FamilyPack, including other pets. Animal Communication can help throughout the rehoming process.

AlphaMom’s Fierce Love Project wants to help adoptable Domesticated Dogs be heard! If you are a Foster Parent, part of a Rescue Group, or even a potential adopter truly interested in discovering what makes a certain Dog tick, contact AFLP to be put in touch with a participating Animal Communicator. The Session fee will be paid for you.

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