These days very few animals are allowed to leave the hands of their rescue-caregivers without being sterilized. This is one step forward on the road to a more aware world, but it is not without consequences for those at both ends of the leash. The problem originates with the age (3 weeks, 7 weeks, 4 months) that Puppies in Shelters and Humane Societies are sterilized. Putting such a young Puppy under anesthesia for anything but a medical emergency is not the best scenario for long-term health. It’s a fact that mammals need hormones to develop properly! When a body matures without what nature provides, things can go wonky, with no one is the wiser until years down the road when associated health issues crop up.

What would it take for Puppies in the hands of Shelters or Humane Societies to be allowed to keep their parts until a more appropriate age has been attained?

Most individuals in the world of animal care have much bigger hearts than their paychecks reward them for. AlphaMom’s Fierce Love Project’s answer is to offer a small incentive to Puppy Raisers, to Let Puppies be Puppies for six months instead of three weeks! There has to be some way to turn the tide of too-early spaying and neutering, and this is one of AlphaMom’s ideas of how to help. Interested in doing what you can to help Puppies be Puppies? Let’s talk! Send an email

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