Keeping Dog nails trimmed to a healthy length is so important! Long nails impede mobility and can also cause unintentional injury to both other Dogs and People. Fifteen minutes every 3-6 weeks is all it takes. If you can’t do it yourself, a quick trip to the Groomer yields a much happier, healthier, more comfortable Pup! Trimming a Dog’s nails while he is at the Vet’s under anesthesia (ie for teeth cleaning or surgery) should be a ‘given’, but it’s not. You need to request they be done. Vet Techs are usually the ones relegated to this task; be aware, they are usually much more timid in their trimming than Groomers!

Rescue Groups: The Fierce Love Project will pay for a Pup’s nails to be cut prior to going to the new FamilyPack. Send an email request

Good at organizing? Put together a Nail Cutting Clinic and The Fierce Love Project will pitch in with a donation commensurate with the number of Pups receiving pawdicures. Contact

Along with trimmed nails is the need for clean fur coats. Skin needs to breathe and dirty, matted fur doesn’t allow it to. Add to this the fact that Pups who have just been spayed or neutered can’t be bathed until their incisions heal (this usually takes two weeks). Newly adopted Dogs have enough to deal with without being stinky, dirty, or flea or tick infested!

AlphaMom has seen the condition of Greyhounds just coming off the Track and it’s not pretty. Fostering Greyhounds who were sterilized before they got a bath (or nail trim) meant welcoming urine-stained thighs and flea-bitten ears into the Den. Fostering is hard enough and has enough drawbacks without the addition of (preventable) filth. Now that most of the US tracks have closed this isn’t as much of an issue, but it forever placed an item on The Fierce Love Project’s To-Do List! Take the soon-to-be-adopted Pup to a Groomer for a wash-and-trim or do it yourself, Rescue People, and The Fierce Love Project is ready to reward your commendable efforts! Send an email request

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