By now we’ve all heard how the Person at the drive-through extended a small act of kindness by paying for the order of the next car in line. AlphaMom has paid it forward many times over, whether it’s an Atta Boy donation to a Rescue Group for taking on an obvious challenge (all ultimately for an unknown adopter), rewarding a Shelter for an employee’s good deed, as a thank you for taking the time and making the effort to process an adoption application, or even something as simple as paying for the next Pup’s nail trim at the Groomer’s, saying thank you from the heart, with moolah, always feels right.

In a perfect world this type of thinking would extend to the end-use beneficiaries of AlphaMom’s Fierce Love Project. Helping the helpless–by helping the People caring for them in the meantime–is an easy way to say thank you for a job well-done. If someone receives the benefit of one of the Projects and wants to pass the experience on to another adopter, they can pay it forward by making a donation to the Shelter or Humane Society or Rescue Group…(or even a non-tax-deductible contribution to AlphaMom’s Fierce Love Project).

What thoughtful, small, original ways can you think of to extend a purely philanthropic hand to those who help Domesticated Dogs find loving, forever homes?

AlphaMom’s Fierce Love Project is all ears! Send your impactful idea(s) and then watch for them to be implemented. The Pups thank you! Woof woof woof.

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