Beyond passionate! That’s how AlphaMom feels about the topic of Spay and Neuter! Fixing Dogs so they can’t make Puppies is SO important! Putting Shelter workers and Veterinarians
through the act of having to euthanize millions of animals each year due to financial or space limitations is inhumane. We TwoLeggeds have the ability to lighten the heart-load of others with one simple act, yet we often don’t. Man’s inhumanity to animals becomes man’s inhumanity to man. Both circumstances are totally avoidable, which is where AlphaMom’s Fierce Love Project wants to step in and help.

So what are some of the ways to do this?

There are low-cost or free spay/neuter clinics held throughout the country, sponsored and supported by Colleges or other funded institutions. Each program seems to have a caveat in place limiting participation to one Pup sterilization per FamilyPack, which only prolongs the potential for more Puppies to be sired. Where is the sense in this?

The Fierce Love Project wants to support multiple-Pup households by paying the spay/neuter costs for their other un-fixed Dogs. The goal is to team up with already in-place Free Clinic programs. For example, there is a very real problem on the Reservations in Arizona, with lots of unfixed Pups and feral Dogs running loose. Each year, litter after litter of Puppies are rescued and brought to local Shelters and Humane Societies. AlphaMom’s Fierce Love Project hopes to help improve this scenario.
Is there a program in your area that could use this sort of boost? Let’s talk! Send an email

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